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  • Şanlıurfa GoTürkiye

    Şanlıurfa: The City of Faith

    Şanlıurfa, one of the oldest centers in the history of civilization, has been the center of many beliefs, from polytheistic to monotheistic religions.

    While we can find many traces of the beliefs of our prehistoric ancestors in Göbeklitepe, we also can see polytheistic communities known as the heavenly Sabians and Harranians who worship heavenly bodies in Harran and Soğmatar. It is believed that Prophet Ibrahim, considered as the father of the prophets, was born in Şanlıurfa and broke the idols worshipped by King Nemrud and his people. The seat and tomb of Prophet Ayyub (Job), the symbol of patience, is also in Şanlıurfa. Oshroene King Abgar, who accepted Christianity at state level for the first time and who is known to be exchanging letters with Prophet ‘Isa (Jesus), is also from Şanlıurfa. Today, Şanlıurfa is also known as the City of Prophets because of the strong and visible relationship of humanity with faith.

    Şanlıurfa, where the modern and the traditional can still coexist, offers you a magnificent experience of history and archeology. Türkiye’s largest museum complex Şanlıurfa Archeological Museum, Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum, Şanlıurfa Castle, City Museum, Göbeklitepe, Halfeti, Birecik, Rumkale, Harran and Tektek Mountains National Park are just a few of the places where you can feel this experience to the bone.

    In Şanlıurfa, Balıklıgöl, historical covered bazaar and inns, ancient streets and mansions decorated with rich stonework take you on a historical journey as if you are in the Middle Ages. When Şanlıurfa locals walk around in their colorful traditional clothes are added to this sight, old Şanlıurfa nearly turns into a movie set.

    After this tour, filled with history and knowledge, a stunning culinaric festival awaits you. Not only your mind but also your palate gets a different taste from Şanlıurfa...